Athletic and Fitness Training

Personalized Fitness Training:

Our facility offers comprehensive strength and conditioning programs for every individual. Training programs are completely customized and tailored to the clients specific abilities, needs and goals. All new clients will receive a functional movement assessment, anthropometric body measurements and full comprehensive training program that is customized for you.


Athletic and Performance Training:

The one thing that separates the great athletes from all others, is an individuals level of strength and conditioning. Most athletes practice and play their sports throughout the year which helps improve theire skill development, but they tend to exclude any type of structured strength and conditioning work. Strength training and conditioning is very important and required to take an athlete to elite levels. Without a solid foundation in strength and conditioning, the athlete will fall short of their true potential and be at higher risk of sustaining injury during play.

At Bensky Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, we offer the athlete, a sports specific athletic development program that will increase an individuals' strength, power, acceleration, speed, flexibility, coordination and conditioning. We also offer a comprehensive functional movement assessment and will provide specific corrective work based on results of the assessment and the athletes specific needs regarding his or her sport.

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